Girl Boss

I am surrounded by so many beautiful, intelligent and confident women every day. Some of these women I know on a personal level and others I aspire to meet and learn from. These women inspire me daily to achieve my goals and have taught me anything is possible. This EP is proof of that. A goal of mine is to empower women daily with my talents and help them know that they don’t need anyone else in their lives to make them happy or to be successful. This is where “Girl Boss” began.

I was scrolling on Instagram one day and I saw a cute t-shirt with the phrase “Girl Boss,” written across it in a pretty script font. I thought to myself, “what a cool idea for a song.” I jotted it down in the notes section of my phone. A week later I had a co-write with Kirsti Manna and Ashley Rose, and we started bouncing ideas off one another. To give a little backstory on our personalities, the three of us are strong, independent and bossy when we need to be, but my definition of bossy is just being driven :).  I pitched “Girl Boss” and we ran with it.

All the ideas started flowing, and I started thinking of so many times when girls and women I know turn to men for fulfillment (I must admit I’ve been guilty of this), and it’s never right or the answer to any situation. Every woman should find fulfillment in their own personal and professional achievements and interests. Together we are so strong, and I want my music to make women feel powerful and help them find passion in everything they do. I found the power and passion to share some of my deepest and raw feelings with the world through music. I want all women to be that honest with themselves and realize that independence and vulnerability is powerful.

“Hands up come on ladies you don’t need a man.

A lotta independence never hurt the brand.

When you’re walking tall you can watch em fall.

Pull out all the shots, no cliché afte thought.

You get to call the shots, you’re a Girl Boss.”

 I never want any woman to be an afterthought. All of us are special and different in a beautiful way, and it needs to be acknowledged by everyone in the world. I didn’t want my music to be an afterthought, I wanted to leave a mark.  This music is a new journey for me and has helped me find my inner “Girl Boss.”

“No turn me on, no booty call, no come out come on midnight song.”

When I perform this song I feel invincible. I wanted that feeling to transcend to the audience. This is the song you blare when you have a night out with your girls and being a “booty call, should never be on the agenda. Remember girl, you have the power.

T-shirt to Song

So, the co-write that started with a phrase on a t-shirt turned into creating a power anthem. We knew we needed a sexy sultry vibe to match the badass lyric. That’s where the jazz started to filter in. I grew up listening to jazz and Kirsti and Ashley have an ear for brilliant piano melodies, and we knew we needed something different other than mainstream pop to match my vocal style. We developed the structure and melody and immediately started to envision a music video in a smoky bar with a lot of sex appeal (the three of us are still story boarding that one, stay tuned). Watch out Queen B, we may have the next “Single Ladies,” on our hands, but I guess I will let you all be the judge of that. Jam “Girl Boss 11.18!



Listen to “Stop” here!

With so much conflict and evil in our world today, I believe music is sometimes our only refugee. It’s the one thing I turn to first when I have a hard or questionable time in my life. It speaks to me, and I can always find an answer or some form of peace. I wanted “Stop” to move people the way that music moves me in time of heartache, doubt and defeat.

We are all guilty of being selfish at times and not taking a moment to give back or even say a word of prayer and reflect. I know I fall short of this more times than I should, and I need to realize more, that even when I have a bad day there are others who are down to their last dollar, last breath or moment of hope. I believe if we all took a moment to reflect and stop, we could make small changes to make the world a more peaceful and loving place.

When I was driving down Music Row in Nashville one cold January morning this past year, I saw an image that really moved me. I saw a man sleeping on a sidewalk in a sleeping bag in the freezing cold. Now reflecting on the moment, that was when I should have stopped to lend a hand. Instead, I was running late for work and selfishly going through my list of to-do’s for the day ahead. That image along with many others around the world have made me realize that there is so much hate and not enough heart. I wanted “Stop,” to be a message that said we could only change the hate in the world if we did it together.

Why don’t we stop,

Take it all in and just drop,

Spinnin out of control like a top,

All this doubt,

Breathe in and breath out

Above is part of the chorus of Stop. We sometimes get too wrapped up in life and our own problems and we never look around us to see others we can help. I believe that if we took a minute to give back, we would live in a better society.

 This is our world, this is our time,

Reach out your hand to touch mine

The only way we can make a change is by working and loving together. If came together and stopped focusing on differences, then there would be more love in the word and less suffering. I want “Stop” to speak to everyone and help them realize that we all need one another to make a change in the world. Stop judging, stop being selfish, and start giving and loving more.

I want a world where I never have to see someone shivering without a coat, fighting because the color of their skin or hurting innocent people. If we all take a moment every day and “Stop,” to see how we can make a difference then I believe we can change the world. I hope “Stop,” moves you on 11.18!


Download “Ocean” 

The story behind the song Ocean is the most difficult to write. This song shows the most vulnerable and raw version of myself, and it quickly became my favorite song on the album, because writing it was a way for me to heal.

When I perform this song I always explain its meaning being about going through a personal battle or a battle with a controlling relationship. When most people hear the song they always assume battling love with another person, but it’s really about a battle with self-love.

Music is so powerful, because it can relate to anyone’s different experiences or emotions in life, and that is why we turn to music to heal, mourn or celebrate. I wanted this song to relate to anyone’s difficult time in life and help them know they are not alone, no matter what the situation may be. This blog is meant to share why I wrote the song and why the words are so special to me. As I said above, when I wrote this song it was a way for me to heal, by pouring out a very hard time in my life. It was a time when I was struggling with an eating disorder.

I struggled with my body image for many years and was constantly battling my own thoughts. My thoughts and insecurities were the controlling relationship. I could never see how much I was breaking myself down. My disorder always made me feel in control of situations, but I never realized it was a type of control that was toxic.

“Wore down, washed out, paper thin

Pressure underneath my skin

No crystal blue, just shades of grey

Always faithful, meet me there

Never coming up for air.

If I had to pick my poison I’d drink in your ocean.”

Above is the chorus from the song and it paints the picture of the emotional battle I went through every day. Feeling worn down and lifeless, because I starved myself and felt so much fear and pressure with any situation that involved food. “No crystal blue, just shades of gray,” everyone around me thinking and saying I was so skinny and so lucky, but they didn’t realize that on the inside it wasn’t pretty or lucky at all. My disorder and ability to control was always faithful. I was always able to not eat and punish myself if I ever did something that went out of my obscured “guidelines.” I never took a breath. Four years of suffocating myself to no end, and I always would pick the disorder over everything. I had people that loved me who knew I was torturing myself. They would try to intervene, but I was poisoned and taken over by a force just as strong as the ocean.

I wanted the ocean to be the metaphor in the song, because water is so powerful. The ocean can swallow you whole and drown you if you let it, just like a disorder. Every battle in life can be calm, like the ocean at dawn and it can quickly turn into a dangerous body of waves at any moment. I wanted an image that could embody everything that I experienced, but also kept things mysterious and open for others to relate to during their personal difficult times.

I have one favor to ask you with reading this, if you know someone going through a personal struggle whether it’s body image, emotional or with loss, please share this song with them. I want my music to be a personal expression but to also heal others. When people hear this song I want them to know they are not alone in their battle, and I also want them to fight and not let the ocean swallow them whole. I didn’t let the ocean swallow me. I am a lot stronger than I used to be, and I know that I am enough to conquer any ocean. I am beautiful and the mirror doesn’t need to tell me anything but that.

You are so much stronger than any ocean. Always fight back.

Download “Ocean” 

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